Credit Card Payments Membership and Non-Member HH Tickets

Thank you for choosing to pay your 5783 Membership Fees or Non-Member High Holiday Fees by Credit Card.

Please note that all Credit Card prices below

include a 3.3% transaction fee rounded to the nearest dollar. If you would like to avoid these fees, please pay by check.

Make your check out to "Reconstructing Judaism," with Or Zarua in memo section.
Mail your check to: Rabbi Shelly Barnathan/Or Zarua, 1734 Ridgeway Road, Havertown, PA 19083

To pay by Credit Card, please carefully follow the new instructions below.

  1. Click this link:

  2. Choose or enter your total payment amount. For your amount, see the list below for Membership levels and HH ticket prices

  3. Under Designation, choose OTHER

  4. In the Leave a comment section, please write "Or Zarua" and identify what your payment is for (Dues, HH tickets, Yizkor donation, etc.).

Or Zarua Membership Dues
(These amounts include your 3.3% Credit Card transaction fee)

Patron 2,583.00

Family Visionary 2,040.00

Family Sustaining 1,730.00

Family Basic 1,524.00

Individual Visionary 1,317.00

Individual Sustaining 1,110.00

Individual Basic 956.00

Associate Family Visionary 1,420.00

Associate Family Sustaining 1,265.00

Associate Family Basic 1,110.00

Associate Individual Visionary 1,110.00

Associate Individual Sustaining 956.00

Associate Individual Basic 801.00

Non-Member High Holiday Fees
(These amounts include your 3.3% Credit Card transaction fee)

Two Adult HH Family 465.00

One Adult HH Family 285.00

Two Adult one day HH 207.00

One Adult one day HH 140.00

One day Individual 104.00

If you have any questions or need any assistance submitting your credit card payment, please reach out to our Office Coordinator, Sam Egber at